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Data Repository (Naturalistic Driving and Other Datasets)


To create a permanent, secure Data Repository for data collected during research and technology studies sponsoredy by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).


FMCSA-sponsored research and technology studies often result in datasets that can be used for future analysis. In many instances, FMCSA requires research teams to provide a de-identified, public-use dataset upon completion of a study. To support future safety-driven data analysis, FMCSA is developing a Data Repository to house the data from these studies. This existing and expanding rich data library is considered to be very potent for further research by external researchers.


The goal of this project is to develop a secure Data Repository that can host data sets used in various FMCSA research and technology initiatives. In addition, the project will develop procedures for external researchers to access the data. Researchers will be required to follow access and security procedures in order to use the data for their studies.


A secure Data Repository to house research data collected by FMCSA. Data will be made available to researchers who follow the established access and security procedures.



October 2016: Kick-off meeting.
May 2017: Web site demonstration of design.
September 2017: Annual report
September 2019: Receive authority to operate.


FY16 Funding: $214,000
FY19 Funding: $75,000

Project Manager:

For more information, contact Terri Hallquist of the Research Division at (202) 366-1064 or


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Updated: Tuesday, May 28, 2019
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