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Passenger Carrier Safety Information

Bus travel is among the safest forms of passenger transportation. However, safety requires constant attention and awareness.

FMCSA works with the passenger carrier industry to increase passenger safety and reduce crashes involving buses, motorcoaches, and other commercial passenger vehicles.

FMCSA provides a wide range of educational materials and technical assistance to operators and drivers to improve understanding of safety requirements. 

The information found in this section of the FMCSA website is specific to commercial passenger carriers. There are other helpful FMCSA website resources, such as resources for CMV drivers and carriers, under “Related Links” that apply to  passenger carriers.


A Special Note for Non-Transportation-Focused Organizations That Own a Bus or Van

If you transport passengers, you may be subject to federal safety regulations, even if your organization is not in the "transportation business". Learn more here.

Updated: Wednesday, July 31, 2019
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