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Naturalistic Driving Study (Data Analysis)


To analyze the collected naturalistic driving data from the Onboard Monitoring System (OBMS) Field Operational Test (FOT) in order to identify safety-critical events (SCEs) and determine factors related to the occurrence of SCEs.


The OBMS FOT collected continuous naturalistic driving data for over 200 trucks and buses. This project will analyze the continuous naturalistic driving dataset from the OBMS FOT.


This study will determine whether driving hour is related to increased crash risk and assess fatigue and distraction as it relates to crash risk. The study will also analyze the data to answer questions regarding risk of SCEs, including:
  • Hands-free and handheld cell phone use.
  • Tasks in which drivers engage prior to involvement in SCEs.
  • Environmental conditions.
  • Eyes off forward roadway.
  • Driver drowsiness.
  • Time-on-task.


A report that identifies factors related to SCEs using naturalistic driving data to address fatigue and distraction.



October 2016: Kick-off meeting
March 2017: Peer review meeting
January 2019: Draft final report
September 2019: Reduced data set and public-use data set; final report and research brief


FY16 Funding: $820,006
FY17 Funding: $979,670

Project Manager:

For more information, contact Terri Hallquist of the Research Division at (202) 366-1064 or


Virginia Tech Transportation Institute
Updated: Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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