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Expert Panel Report: Review of Hours-of-Service for Passenger Carrier Operations


To convene an expert panel to review the research and make recommendations regarding changes to passenger carrier hours-of-service (HOS) regulations.


Previous HOS rulemakings applied only to property-carrying motor carriers because the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) determined that it did not have enough research and data on passenger carriers and drivers. Since that time, FMCSA has carried out an active research program to gain information and data. FMCSA has conducted a study entitled "Motorcoach Industry Hours-of-Service and Fatigue Management Techniques" (Brock et al., 2005). This study identified and documented the unique features of the extended workday that typifies motorcoach operations and identifies techniques that motorcoach managers, front-line employees, and drivers may use to reduce fatigue-related incidents resulting from irregular on-duty conditions. The National Transportation Research Board (TRB) has also completed a study entitled "Operational Differences and Similarities among the Motorcoach, School Bus and Trucking Industries" (Grenzeback et al., 2005). This study was designed as a single resource for information on profiles, safety statistics, and general business operations for these three commercial vehicle industries. FMCSA's latest study is gathering empirical data on motorcoach driver schedules to help bus companies better manage fatigue in their operations.


This project is a joint project with the Medical Programs Office.  It will begin with a literature review and evidence report. Then, an expert panel will be formed that will review the evidence report and report their findings. The Medical Review Board will review these findings and make recommendations to the Agency regarding HOS for passenger-carrying operations.


A report outlining driver fatigue issues in passenger-carrying operations. The report will also recommend whether changes are needed in the passenger-carrier HOS regulation.


This project is completed.


FY 2012: $157,000 - FMCSA Research and Technology


The expert panel presented the results to the Medical Review Board in February 2013. The report was published on FMCSA's Medical Review Board Web site at


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Updated: Monday, April 9, 2018
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