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Railroad-Highway Grade Crossing; Safe Clearance; Public Meeting

Notice of public meeting.
The FMCSA announces that a public meeting will be held to discuss the problem of railroad-highway grade crossing crashes in which a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) is struck by a train because the driver of the CMV, for whatever reason, stops the vehicle prior to clearing the railroad track. The meeting is intended to promote the sharing of information between interested parties and FMCSA, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), and the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) to ensure motor carriers and drivers are prepared to achieve full compliance with a forthcoming, statutorily mandated Federal rule to prohibit drivers from entering a railroad grade crossing unless there is sufficient room to clear the tracks completely without stopping. The meeting will provide all interested parties with an opportunity to voice their concerns about the potential costs and safety benefits of such a rule.


Closed on 10/20/2006
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