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Railroad-Highway Grade Crossing; Safe Clearance; Public Meeting

Proposed rule; public meeting.
This document announces a public meeting to discuss the problem of railroad-highway grade crossing crashes involving commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) in general, and specifically crashes in which the CMV was struck by a train because the driver of the CMV, for whatever reason, stopped the vehicle prior to clearing the railroad track. The meeting is intended to promote the sharing of information between the Office of Motor Carrier Safety (OMCS), the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA); State agencies with responsibilities related to railroad-highway grade crossing safety; motor carriers, and rail carriers; and interested parties concerning the adequacy of current Federal and State laws and regulations governing the operation of CMVs at grade crossings, and devices and technologies that could be installed at these locations to help reduce the incidence of CMV-train crashes. The meeting will include presentations by the OMCS, the FHWA, and the FRA explaining their respective roles. The agencies would provide all interested parties with an opportunity to voice their concerns about the adequacy of current Federal and State requirements and present suggestions or recommendations for practical ways to reduce the incidence of railroad- highway grade crossing crashes.


Docket No. OMCS-98-4202
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