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Public Meeting to Discuss the Development of In-Service Brake Performance Standards for Commercial Motor Vehicles Inspected With Performance-Based Brake Testers

Notice of public meeting.
The FHWA is announcing a public meeting to discuss the development of commercial motor vehicle brake force regulations that could be enforced by Federal and State officials using performance- based brake testing technologies. The FHWA is nearing the completion of a research program to evaluate certain performance-based brake testing technologies, including roller dynamometers, flat-plate testers, breakaway torque brake testers, an on-board decelerometer, and an infrared brake temperature measurement system. Currently performance- based brake testers may be used in commercial motor vehicle inspections but only as screening and sorting devices because there are no Federal regulations that make reference to brake force measurements as a means of determining whether a vehicle has adequate braking capability. The recommendations from the researchers would, if adopted by the FHWA, enable Federal and State officials to use performance-based brake testers as both screening tools and enforcement tools when vehicles with inadequate braking capability are identified. The purpose of the public meeting is to provide interested parties an opportunity to review and comment on the researchers' recommendations.


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