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Safety Fitness Procedures

Advance notice of proposed rulemaking (ANPRM); request for comments.
On November 6, 1997, the FHWA published a final rule incorporating the safety fitness rating methodology (SFRM) into 49 CFR 385 as appendix B. In that document the FHWA identified its ultimate goal as creating a more performance-based means of determining the fitness of carriers to conduct commercial motor vehicle (CMV) operations in interstate commerce. The final rule announced that the FHWA would publish an ANPRM shortly which would request comments on the future evolution of a rating system that could be used both in making safety fitness determinations and meeting the demands of shippers, insurers and other present and potential users interested in evaluating motor carrier performance. Since the final rule, legislation was enacted that substantially heightens the importance of unsatisfactory ratings. Accordingly, at this time the FHWA is seeking comments and supporting data on what issues should be considered in constructing a rating system for the future.


Closed on 09/18/1998
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