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Development of Functional Specifications for Performance-based Brake Testers Used To Inspect Commercial Motor Vehicles

Request for comments.
The FHWA is requesting public comment concerning the development of functional specifications for performance-based brake testing machines purchased with Federal funds through the FHWA's Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program (MCSAP). The FHWA is nearing the completion of a multi-year research program to evaluate prototype performance-based brake testing technologies, including roller dynamometers, flat-plate brake testers, breakaway torque brake testers, an on-board electronic decelerometer, and an infrared brake temperature measurement system. To date, the FHWA has determined that certain performance-based brake testing machines are eligible for funding under MCSAP, but only as screening and sorting devices in commercial vehicle inspections. The FHWA is requesting public comments on generic functional specifications that would be applicable to a range of brake testing technologies. The States would use the functional specifications as guidelines to determine whether the purchase of a specific brake tester would be an eligible expense item under the MCSAP.


Closed on 08/04/1998
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