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Motor Carrier Routing Regulations; Disposition of Loss and Damage Claims and Processing Salvage; Preservation of Records

Final rule.
This document adds to 49 CFR chapter III certain motor carrier transportation regulations, also codified in 49 CFR chapter X, which involve functions delegated to both the FHWA and the Surface Transportation Board (STB). These regulations govern motor carrier routing, the processing of claims for loss or damage, and the preservation of records. The Interstate Commerce Commission Termination Act of 1995 (ICCTA) abolished the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) and transferred certain functions and proceedings to the STB and the DOT. The Secretary of Transportation delegated to the FHWA certain motor carrier functions which were transferred to the DOT from the ICC. On October 21, 1996, the FHWA and the STB issued a final rule which transferred and redesignated those regulations in 49 CFR chapter X involving functions exclusively within the jurisdiction of the FHWA. 61 FR 54706. This document completes the transfer process. Technical changes have been made to the regulations, where appropriate, to conform with current statutory citations and definitions and the transfer of regulatory functions to the Department of Transportation.


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