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Training of Entry-Level Drivers of Commercial Motor Vehicles

Notice of public outreach.
The purpose of this notice is to announce an upcoming public meeting to be held on November 13, 1996, to discuss mandating entry- level training for drivers of commercial motor vehicles (CMVs). Section 4007(a)(1) of the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991 (ISTEA) directed the Secretary of Transportation to report to Congress on the effectiveness of the efforts of the private sector to ensure adequate training of entry-level drivers of CMVs. In response to this statutory mandate, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) hired a contractor to conduct a study and published a notice of availability and request for comments in the Federal Register on April 25, 1996, (61 FR 18355). The notice advised members of the general public that copies of the study entitled ``Assessing the Adequacy of Commercial Motor Vehicle Driver Training: Final Report'' and a cost-benefit analysis of requiring entry-level training for CMV drivers were available from the National Technical Information Service (NTIS) and requested public comment on both documents. The FHWA also advised the general public that the Agency was considering holding a public meeting on the issue of mandating entry-level training. With this notice, the FHWA is also announcing the extension of the closing date for comments on the final report and cost-benefit analysis to November 27, 1996.


Closed on 11/27/1996
FHWA Docket No. MC-93-12
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