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Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations; Intermodal Transportation

Notice; extension of effective date.
The FHWA announces the extension of the effective date of its final rule, published on December 29, 1994, implementing provisions of the Intermodal Safe Container Transportation Act of 1992. The rule was scheduled to take effect on September 1, 1996, but the FHWA believes that further extension of the effective date until January 2, 1997, is appropriate based on the inability, to date, of the educational and informational outreach program undertaken by the FHWA to reach many foreign shippers; a request from several Senators to delay the effective date of this rule pending consideration of legislation to amend the Act; and two petitions received earlier by the FHWA for exemptions and amendments to the rule, which are currently outstanding.


FHWA Docket No. MC-93-17
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