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Proposed Research Plan on Vision Standard

Notice; request for comments.
The FHWA is requesting comments on a proposed research plan to explore performance-based alternatives to the existing vision standard for drivers of commercial motor vehicles (CMV). The findings of this research effort may result in the modification of that standard. The FHWA seeks comments on all aspects of the research plan, including its scientific merit, likelihood of achieving its objective, methodological validity, consideration of all relevant research, and other practical issues. The FHWA is also announcing a public hearing to obtain comments on the proposed research plan. The hearing is designed to obtain public input on the proposed research plan, not to determine the status of individual drivers or participants in the vision waiver program. At the hearing, the FHWA does not intend to discuss the status, results, or recommendations that might result from the vision waiver program. A review of scientific literature relevant to the vision standard and the proposed research plan have been placed in FHWA Docket MC-96-4. In addition, both documents are accessible electronically through the Federal Highway Administration's World Wide Web (WWW) site.


FHWA Docket No. MC-96-4
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