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Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations; General; Intermodal Transportation

Final rule; petitions for reconsideration of effective date; request for comments.
The FHWA published a document on May 16, 1995 at 60 FR 26001 which administratively extended until September 27, 1995, the effective date of its final rule implementing the requirements of the Intermodal Safe Container Transportation Act of 1992. The final rule was published on December 29, 1994, and its original effective date was June 27, 1995. The only purpose of this three-month extension was to provide the FHWA sufficient time to request, receive, and analyze comments, and to publish a final determination, on whether a further extension is warranted. This document requests comments on the major issues raised by petitioners who have requested an extension of the effective date of, and certain exemptions from, the final rule.


Closed on 05/16/1995
FHWA Docket No. MC-93-17
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