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Hours of Service of Drivers; Definition of Agricultural Commodity

Interim final rule with request for comment.
FMCSA clarifies the definition of the terms ``any agricultural commodity,'' ``livestock,'' and ``non-processed food,'' as the terms are used in the definition of ``agricultural commodity'' for the purposes of the Agency's ``Hours of Service (HOS) of Drivers'' regulations. Under current regulations, drivers transporting agricultural commodities, including livestock, from the source of the commodities to a location within 150 air miles of the source, during harvest and planting seasons as defined by each State, are exempt from the HOS requirements. Furthermore, the HOS requirement for a 30-minute rest break does not apply to drivers transporting livestock in interstate commerce while the livestock are on the commercial motor vehicle. This interim final rule (IFR) clarifies the meaning of these existing definitional terms to ensure that the HOS exemptions are utilized as Congress intended.


Closed on 12/24/2020
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