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Limitations on the Issuance of Commercial Driver's Licenses With a Hazardous Materials Endorsement

Interim rules; re-opening of the comment period.
In May 2003 and April 2005, FMCSA published interim final rules (IFR) regarding the limitations on the issuance of commercial driver's licenses with a hazardous materials endorsement. The comment period for the May 2003 IFR closed on July 7, 2003; there was no comment period for the April 2005 IFR. The Agency received over 50 comments on the 2003 IFR. FMCSA now plans to adopt the provisions of the IFRs that have not previously been made final. To ensure that interested parties have an opportunity to provide comments, the Agency has re-opened the comment period for 15 days.


Closed on 12/19/2018
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