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Requirements for Intermodal Equipment Providers and for Motor Carriers and Drivers Operating Intermodal Equipment

Final rule; partial extension of compliance date.
The FMCSA extends until June 30, 2012, the compliance date of the requirement for drivers and motor carriers to prepare a driver- vehicle inspection report (DVIR) on an item of intermodal equipment (IME) when no damage, defects, or deficiencies are discovered by, or reported to, the driver (hereafter ``no-defect DVIR''). The previous compliance date was June 30, 2011, as a result of the Agency's August 20, 2010, amended final rule which extended the compliance date of the same provision of the December 17, 2008, final rule concerning maintenance responsibilities for IME. As a result of this action, drivers and carriers are not required to prepare no-defect DVIRs until June 30, 2012. This action is being taken to provide the Agency with sufficient time to address, through a notice-and-comment rulemaking proceeding, a petition to rescind the requirement for no-defect DVIRs. The Agency emphasizes that all requirements concerning drivers' preparation of DVIRs to report damage, defects, or deficiencies to intermodal equipment providers (IEPs) remain in effect, as well as the requirements for IEPs to take appropriate action in addressing the safety issues identified by such reports.


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