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Limitations on the Issuance of Commercial Driver's Licenses With a Hazardous Materials Endorsement

Interim final rule; delay of compliance date.
FMCSA issues this rule to amend the compliance date in its Interim final rule (IFR) published in the May 5, 2003 Federal Register regarding limitations on State issuance of a commercial driver's license (CDL) with a hazardous materials endorsement. States must not issue, renew, transfer or upgrade a CDL with a hazardous materials endorsement unless the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has first conducted a background records check of the applicant and determined the applicant does not pose a security risk warranting denial of the hazardous materials endorsement. FMCSA is changing the date by which States must comply with TSA regulations to coincide with the new compliance date established by TSA. The compliance date is changed from April 1, 2004, to January 31, 2005.


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