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Minimum Training Requirements for Longer Combination Vehicle (LCV) Operators and LCV Driver-Instructor Requirements; Correction

Final rule; correction.
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration published in the Federal Register of March 30, 2004, a final rule concerning requirements for operators of LCVs and the instructors who train them. The requirements codified at Sec. 391.53 should have been designated Sec. 391.55. In addition, the authority citation for the rule failed to include the authorities listed in another FMCSA rule amending part 391 that was published the same day. This document corrects these errors. Also, under the SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION section, we discuss an error in the preamble of the March 30 rule which does not require a correction to the regulatory text.


Docket FMCSA-97-2176
380 391
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