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Public Hearing on Hours of Service of Drivers; Driver Rest and Sleep for Safe Operations

Notice of hearings.
The FMCSA is announcing the first of seven public hearings for interested persons to present comments and views on the FMCSA's proposed revisions to its hours-of-service regulations (65 FR 25540, May 2, 2000). This action is necessary to inform the public about the date, time, and structure of the first hearing. The FMCSA hopes to hear from the public about how the proposed hours-of-service regulations would improve highway safety, affect the personal, professional, and family life of commercial vehicle drivers, and the impact on the various segments of the motor carrier industry. All oral comments will be transcribed and placed in the rulemaking docket for the FMCSA's consideration.


Docket No. FMCSA-97-2350
350 390 394 395 398
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