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Hours of Service of Drivers: Application for Exemption; Small Business in Transportation Coalition

Application for exemption; final determination.
FMCSA announces its decision to deny the Small Business in Transportation Coalition's (SBTC) request for reconsideration of its application for exemption from the electronic logging device (ELD) rule that was denied by the Agency on July 17, 2019. SBTC has resubmitted its application for exemption from the ELD requirements for all motor carriers with fewer than 50 employees, including, but not limited to, one-person private and for-hire owner-operators of commercial motor vehicles used in interstate commerce. SBTC believes that the exemption would not have any adverse impacts on operational safety as motor carriers and drivers would remain subject to the hours-of-service (HOS) regulations, as well as the requirements to maintain paper records of duty status (RODs). FMCSA has analyzed SBTC's petition for reconsideration and the public comments received and has determined that neither the applicant nor the commenters provided information that would change the Agency's previous decision to deny the exemption.


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