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Request for Information Concerning Large Truck Crash Causal Factors Study

Notice: Request for information.
FMCSA seeks information on how best to design and conduct a study to identify factors contributing to all FMCSA reportable large truck crashes (towaway, injury and fatal). Methodologically, the Agency seeks information on how best to balance sample representativeness, comprehensive data sources, ranges of crash types, and cost efficiency. The methodology should also address the use of on-board electronic systems which can generate information about speeding, lane departure, and hard braking. The study should be designed to yield information that will help FMCSA and the truck safety community to identify activities and other measures likely to lead to significant reductions in the frequency, severity, and crash rate involving commercial motor vehicles. As practicable, the study shall rank such activities and measures by the reductions each would likely achieve, if implemented. This RFI supports a two-part process to gather information for the development of a Large Truck Crash Causal Factors Study (LTCCFS) and to promote transparency and innovation by enabling the public, academics, experts, and industry to comment on how best to conduct this study. This study will help improve FMCSA and its State partners' ability to: 1. Evaluate crashes involving large trucks and identify emerging trends; 2. Monitor crash trends and identify causes and contributing factors; and 3. Develop effective safety improvement policies and programs.


Closed on 03/16/2020
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