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Commercial Driver's License: Ohio Department of Public Safety; Application for Exemption

Notice of application for exemption; request for comments.
FMCSA announces that it has received an application from the Ohio Department of Public Safety (DPS) for a limited exemption from the Agency's commercial driver's license (CDL) regulations. The Ohio DPS requests an exemption to modify the mandatory skills test requirements for qualified veterans who served in the military. The Ohio DPS states that its goal is to promote the opportunities for experienced commercial motor vehicle (CMV) operators who have served in the military by reducing the regulatory burden for obtaining a CDL. FMCSA requests public comment on the Ohio DPS's application for exemption. In addition, because the issue concerning the Ohio DPS request could be applicable in each of the States, FMCSA requests public comment on whether the exemption should cover all State driver licensing agencies (SDLAs), if granted.


Closed on 05/20/2019
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