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Regulatory Guidance Concerning Household Goods Carriers Requiring Shippers To Sign Blank or Incomplete Documents

Notice of Regulatory Guidance.
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) issues regulatory guidance to clarify the appropriate and intended use of blank or incomplete documents under 49 CFR 375.501(d). Carriers may require shippers to sign incomplete, but not blank, documents so long as the omitted information is limited to: (1) The actual weight of the shipment, in the case of non-binding estimates; and (2) unforeseen charges incurred in transit. This guidance also clarifies that carriers may not require shippers to sign ``Revised Written Estimates,'' ``Rescissions of Old Estimate,'' or other documents authorizing the carrier to rescind an estimate unless the shipper and carrier mutually agree to amend the estimate, and the shipper signs a new estimate before the carrier loads the shipment.


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