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Form OCE-46 - Request for Revocation of Operating Authority

About this Form

Request for Revocation of Authority Granted.

The original form must be submitted. Faxed, E-mailed, or photocopied forms will not be accepted. The attached Form OCE-46,
Request for Revocation of Authority Granted, must be completed in its entirety (docket number/MC, complete name and address of
the carrier, and authorized signature) and notarized, in order that FMCSA may process your request. All questions should be directed
to the Office of Registration and Safety Information at (800)832-5660. Please note that the address to which this form is sent has been changed.

To save time, revoke online using your MC (Docket) PIN: Go to the Online Registration System and select the option “Voluntarily revoke my Operating Authority (MC/FF/MX number.”

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