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Self-Admission: A driver admits to a company official they have used a controlled substance as defined in the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA-5) for a 5 panel DOT drug test, however, the self-admission does not meet the criteria under 49 CFR § §382.121 ( a) (1-4)382.121 (a) (1-4) or the employer does not have a qualified voluntary self-identification program under 49 CFR §382.121 (b). Does this trigger a DOT Evaluation and the return-to-duty process?

Yes. If an employee admission does not fall under 49 CFR §382.121 , then by default the admission provides the employer with “actual knowledge” of drug or alcohol use, which triggers a DOT SAP return-to-duty process under Part 382, Subpart B.

Last Updated : May 20, 2015
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