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GENERAL: I am a Mexico-domiciled carrier. May I make deliveries inside the US?

Entry into the U.S. requires authority from the USDOT.  As a Mexico-domiciled carrier, you have two options:  (1) application for authority for operations limited to the U.S. commercial zones, which requires a Certificate of Registration (and otherwise known as OP-2 authority), or (2) application for authority for operations beyond the U.S. commercial zones into the continental U.S., which requires a Provisional Operating Authority (and otherwise known as OP-1(MX) authority).  Each type of authority has an application process and specific steps the carrier must comply with before receiving approval to make pickups and/or deliveries in the U.S.  However, regardless of the type of authority the carrier obtains, no Mexico-domiciled carrier may make conduct point-to-point operations within the U.S.


Last Updated : June 30, 2015
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