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How do motor carriers benefit from the policy change?

The driver, vehicle, and hazmat out of service (OOS) rates, as well as the crash rate calculations, will no longer apply to carriers who submit renewal HMSP applications. Carriers who would have had OOS rates above the National averages would no longer  have to “wait out” a period of time in order for OOS violations to drop off, or to get more good inspections in order to bring down a high OOS rate.  Instead HMSP renewals and non-temporary HMSPs will now fall under Enhanced Oversight monitoring where a comprehensive investigation may be assigned.


The policy provides more flexibility to motor carriers attempting to correct identified deficiencies.  Specifically, actions taken by FMCSA under this policy culminate in the issuance of a safety rating that will be used to decide whether the HMSP holder will be allowed to continue to operate under the permit.  Upon the issuance of a recommended rating of less-than-satisfactory, carriers are able to invoke their right to administrative review, including requesting an upgrade of the rating and the submission of a corrective action plan in order to retain their HMSP. 

Last Updated : July 29, 2015
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