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LONG HAUL: After FMCSA completes a PASA and the applicant has passed the PASA, what will happen next?

Mexico-domiciled motor carriers who successfully pass a PASA must file required proof of financial responsibility (i.e. insurance) with FMCSA, (see 49 CFR Part 387.301) and may also be required to file an updated form BOC-3 – Designation of Agents-Motor Carriers, Brokers and Freight Forwarder s designating a person to accept service of process in each of the 48 contiguous States (if they were not already designated on the BOC-3 submitted with the OP-1(MX) application). This requirement is outlined in 49 CFR Part 366 – Designation of Process Agent. After FMCSA approves the carrier’s application, FMCSA will publish a summary of the application in the FMCSA Register to give notice to the public in case anyone wishes to oppose the application. If no one opposes the application, the provisional operating authority will become effective. Opposed applications will be handled in accordance with the protest procedures in 49 CFR Part 365, subparts A and B.

Last Updated : June 30, 2015
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