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Although most foreign-based intermodal equipment providers (IEPs) have U.S. agents, there may be cases where the equipment is actually owned or leased by the foreign entity. May I may I enter a foreign address for the IEP on the Form MCS-150C?

The Form MCS-150C requires a "Principal Address," which is where the company's safety records are maintained. FMCSA will use this address for on-site visits to intermodal equipment providers for the purpose of conducting roadability reviews. It seems likely that the records required by § 396.12 and other provisions of the IEP final rule (73 FR 76794) will be maintained near the place where intermodal equipment is tendered and returned. The form also requires a "Mailing Address." This is the address where the company wants all its FMCSA correspondence to be sent (this may be a P.O. Box). If an IEP wants to list a foreign address, it should use the "Mailing Address" block on the form.

Last Updated : April 3, 2014
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