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Military Driver Programs


Commercial truck and bus drivers are in high demand, with a current shortage of qualified drivers. Service members and veterans with military driving experience are excellent candidates for these careers. They offer relevant training, skills, experience, responsibility, and discipline. 

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) proudly supports America’s Armed Forces and is committed to assisting service members and veterans in transitioning to civilian transportation careers. 

Several FMCSA programs make it easier, quicker, and less expensive for experienced military drivers to obtain Commercial Driver’s Licenses (CDLs).

Military Skills Test Waiver Program

The program allows drivers with two years' experience safely operating heavy military vehicles to obtain a CDL without taking the driving test (skills test). The program is available in every state. To date, more than 26,000 service members and veterans have taken advantage of this waiver program.

Even Exchange Program (Knowledge Test Waiver) 

This program allows qualified military drivers to be exempt from the knowledge test for obtaining a CDL. When used with the Military Skills Test Waiver, this allows a driver to exchange a military license for a CDL. Participating states are indicated on this map.

Service    Occupational Classifications
U.S. Army88M, Motor Transport Operator
92F, Fueler
14T, Patriot Launching Station Operator
U.S. Marine Corps3531, Motor Vehicle Operator
U.S. NavyEO, Equipment Operator
U.S. Air Force 2T1, Vehicle Operator
2F0, Fueler
3E2, Pavement and Construction Equipment Operator

Under 21 Military CDL Pilot Program

All states except one issue CDLs with intrastate restrictions to individuals ages 18-20. The restrictions mean that these drivers cannot operate commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) in interstate commerce. To assess the safety impacts of allowing qualified military drivers younger than 21 to operate CMVs in interstate commerce, FMCSA has launched a three-year pilot program.


Commercial Motor Vehicle Operator Safety Grants

FMCSA provides funds to educational institutions that provide commercial driver training, including accredited public or private colleges, universities, vocational-technical schools, post-secondary educational institutions, truck driver training schools, associations, and state and local governments. Grants help institutions recruit and train active duty personnel, veterans, and their families for professional bus and truck driving careers.


Federal Initiatives

FMCSA continues to work closely with a diverse group of partners to make opportunities available to U.S. Military service members and veterans. 


FMCSA Military Driver Programs Brochure
This brief brochure summarizes FMCSA's Military Driver Programs.

Military Job Assistance Resources and Programs 
A list of government and non-profit sponsored programs and services designed to help military personnel and veterans learn about career resources and opportunities.

State Resources & Programs
This page provides links for state commercial driver's license issuing organizations and state job programs and resources for military veterans.

Updated: Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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