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Under 21 Military CDL Pilot Program

Information for Motor Carriers

How to Participate

To apply, a motor carrier must be a trucking company or business engaged in truck operations in interstate commerce and must meet other eligibility requirements. FMCSA has posted the application on its website.

FMCSA hopes to include at least 200 participants under 21 years old, as well as 200 control drivers, to ensure a statistically valid sample. Congress also directed FMCSA to collect data on 200 current intrastate drivers under the age of 21. When individuals reach the age of 21, they will no longer participate in the study group and will be replaced by new participates. These departing drivers may continue to participate as part of the control group. 

FMCSA expects to need approximately 70 motor carriers to hire study participant drivers, and provide control group drivers and/or intrastate drivers. FMCSA will give priority to motor carriers that can supply control group drivers in numbers matching covered drivers to be hired. However, FMCSA may include motor carriers that can only provide study participants drivers, control group drivers, or intrastate drivers, if needed to collect sufficient data for the pilot program.

Motor Carrier Eligibility Requirements

Each participating motor carrier must comply with the following requirements:

  • Complete and submit an application;
  • Receive approval;
  • Train covered drivers on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations;
  • Install and operate electronic logging devices on all vehicles operated by study and control group drivers; 
  • Agree to comply with all pilot program procedures;
  • Agree to submit required pilot program data reports monthly;
  • Monitor and report safety records of participant and control group drivers as FMCSA requires; and
  • Maintain a good safety record in accordance with the prescribed program criteria.

Carriers wishing to be considered for this program should forward their applicaton to:

Control Group Driver Requirements 

Carriers participating in the pilot program must provide the same number of drivers to serve in the control group as the number of drivers under 21 they are sponsoring. Carriers must inform control drivers they are being monitored during the pilot. To be part of the control group, drivers must:

  • Possess a valid CDL;
  • Be 21–24 at the time of acceptance into the pilot for control drivers;
  • Have comparable training and years of experience to study group drivers, regardless of the source; 
  • Be a full-time driver for the participating motor carrier;
  • Have no disqualifications, suspensions, or license revocations within the past three years, nor be under any out-of-service order;
  • Agree to the release of specified information for the pilot program; and
  • Sign release forms indicating an understanding that FMCSA will collect data on their driving histories as a part of the study.
Updated: Monday, October 7, 2019
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