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FAQ - Program Timing

Q1: When will FMCSA launch the pilot?

A1: FMCSA has launched the program and is currently accepting applications from carriers which wish to participate in the pilot. When a carrier is accepted in the pilot program, information regarding that carrier will be posted on the FMCSA Under 21 Military CDL Pilot Program website. Drivers under 21 years of age who meet the prescribed criteria will be able to apply for employment with the accepted companies.

Q2: How will FMCSA announce the program is active?

A2: FMCSA announced the launch of this program through social media, the public media and press, contact with each of the military services branches and via the FMCSA Under 21 Military CDL Pilot Program website. FMCSA is working with the Department of Defense, all branches of the military plus the Chiefs of the Reserve and National Guard components to coordinate promotion of the Under 21 Military CDL Pilot program.

Q3: How long is the pilot program?

A3: The pilot program is expected to run for three years. The pilot will begin when an approved motor carrier hires the first driver who is under 21 as a pilot participant.

Updated: Monday, June 3, 2019
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